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Spot for this region (109):


Achilles Shaft
Ajax Shaft
Anglo-Australian Co. Shaft
Argus Hill Main Shaft
Babcock And Co.
Baker And Meyer
Big Hill Reef
Blacksmith Gully Extended Shaft
Blacksmith Gully United Shaft
Brydges And Co.
Bullock Reef
Burns Hill Reef
Campbells Creek
Cappers Reef
Castle Rock Reef
Cattle And Co. Shaft
Central Wattle Gully
Chapel Hill Co. Shaft
Chewton Mine
Chewton Reef
Chewton United Main Shaft
Christmas Reef
Cooper Shaft
Cornish And Spanish (Jesser)
Cumberland Shaft
Davis Shaft
Devonshire Reef
Devonshire Reef Gold Mining Co.
Devonshire Shaft
Diamond Reef
Duke Of Cornwall Shaft
Duke Of Devonshire Co.
Energetic Co. Shaft
Englishman Reef
Eureka Main Shaft
Eureka Vineyard Shaft
Ferrons Reef Gold Mining Co. Shaft
Fiddlers Reef
Forest Creek Wattle Gully Shaft
Forest Creek Wattle Gully South Shaft
Francis Ormond
Francis Ormond North Shaft
Garfield (Forest Creek Victoria Gold Reefs) Shaft
Garfield Reef
Golden Hill Shaft
Grenfell And Voights
Hand Of Friendship Co. Shaft
Hands Across The Sea Shaft
Harris And Co. Shaft
Hughes Reef
Irish Reef
Jolly Shaft
Little Nuggety Shaft
Martin And Co.
Mcallister Shaft
Meyer And Co.
Middlesex Shaft
Mopoke Reef
Morris And Wilson
Moscript And Co.
New Caledonia Shaft
New Era Shaft
New Middle Creek Shaft
Nimrod Reef
Norris Tunnel
North Middlesex
North Wattle Gully Shaft
Nuggety Co. Shaft
Perseverance Shaft
Phoenix No. 1 Shaft
Post Office Hill Shaft
Powell And Co. Shaft
Prince Albert Mine
Pryor And Co. Pit
Racehorse Reef
Renaissance (South Wattle Gully) Shaft
Rowe And Co.
Rowe Brothers (Mosquito) Shaft
Royal Saxon Shaft
Sebastopol Reef
Shanks Reef
Sir Henry Barkly Co.
Small (Enterprise)
South Ajax
South Blacksmith Gully
South Quartz Hill Prospecting Shaft
Spenser Reef
Spring Gully Co. Shaft
Spring Gully Junction Shaft
Spring Gully No. 1 Co. Shaft
Thompson Shaft
Town Reef Co. Shaft No. 1
Wattle Gully Extended Shaft
Wattle Gully Gold Mine Main Shaft
Wattle Gully Reef
Wattle Gully United
Wattle Gully United (Thompson, W.) Shaft
Wheal Terrills
White Horse Gold Mining Co. Nl Shaft