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Spot for this region (140):


7, 8, 9, 10 And 11 North Scotchman's
A1 Perthshire
Adams, T.
Albion No. 2
All England
Amalgamated Scotchmans
Amarant And Co.
Arthur, M. And R.
Baxter And Party
Big Hill Central
Big Newington
Bonnie Dundee Mine
Briggs, F.
Cahills Reward
Clifton Rock Reef
Colquhoun, W.
Commercial Street Lead
Coopers Flat
Cox And Co.
Cross Reef Co.
Cross Reef Consolidated
Cross Reef Extended
Crown Cross No. 2
Crown Cross No. 3
Crown Cross United
Darlington Claim
Darlington Mine
Davis Opencut
Deep Lead
Duly, A.
Emerald Isle
Empire Co.
Forty-Foot Hill
Four Post Lead
General Goldfields
Gilbert, S. And Co.
Glendhu Reef
Golden Crown
Golden Crown And New Cross Reef
Golden Point
Grampian Sluicing
Great Northern
Gunyan And Party
Hard Hill
Irvine, W. H. W.
Jennings And Co.
John Woods Lead G.M. Co.
Jones And Co.
Kara Kara Alluvial
Kilminster And Party
Kinchmer Brothers
Laby And Co.
Lamont And Grant
Landsborough Gold Extraction
Launder Brothers
Little Newington
Lone Star-Stawell
Magdala Decline
Malakoff Alluvials
Mclean And Party
Native Bear
Natives Lead
New Big Hill
New Dundee
New Era
New North Cross Reef Co.
New Perthshire
New St. George
No. 1 And No. 2 North Scotchmans
No. 2 Wonga Syndicate
No. 3 North Scotchmans
No. 3 Scotchmans
No. 5 Scotchmans
No. 6 Scotchmans
No. 7 Scotchmans
No. 8 Scotchmans
North And South Wales
North Cross Reef Co.
North Cross Reef Extended
North Magdala
O'neill Brothers
Old Hampshire
One Hole Lead
Ord And Co.
Oriental And North Cross Reef
Pioneer And Galatea
Pleasant Creek Alluvial Mining
Pleasant Creek And Newington
Pleasant Creek Cross Reef
Pleasant Creek Quartz Mining
Poverty Lead
Prince Alfred
Prince Patrick
Reefs Gold Mining Co.
Robson And Party
Rose Of Denmark
Sander And Co.
Scotchmans No. 2
Scotchmans Reef Quartz Crushing
Scotchmans United
Shuttleworth, B.
Silver Shilling
Simpson, J. And Co.
Sims And Party Prospecting
Sloanes And Scotchmans
South Cross No. 12
South Cross No. 8 And No. 9
South Cross Reef No. 14
South Cross United 10 And 11
St. George
Stawell Big Hill
Three Jacks Mine
Tingha Tin Co.
Various Parties-Stawell
Victorian Consol. Goldfields
Welcome Lead
Welshmans Flat
West Germania
Wilkinson Syndicate
Williams, W. And Party
Willmett And Co.
Winfield And Party
Wonga Decline
Wonga Opencut